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Press the emergency STOP button or turn off the main power supply before performing maintenance work.

Keeping the machine clean is the key to maintenance, because moisture, dust, oil and oil mist can accelerate corrosion of electronic parts and cause interruption of operation. In order to ensure the effective implementation of the maintenance plan, even if the regular maintenance and production schedule staggered, the maintenance schedule should be set and strictly implemented. Maintenance records of the control system should be properly kept to help estimate the service life of parts and plan maintenance spare parts.

1 Daily maintenance

1.1. Check the oil level of the water tank and lubrication system.

1.2. Whether the voltage of access power supply is normal.

1.3. Whether the obstacles around the machine are removed.

1.4. Whether all screws (including clamping fixtures) are locked.

1.5. Whether each safety device is in position and functioning normally.

1.6. Check the lubricating oil supply of each slide surface.

Whether the lighting equipment is normal.

1.8. Whether the whole machine has abnormal sound or condition.

 1.9. Whether the pipelines are damaged.

1.10. No cracks appear between the sheet metal of the outer cover.

1.11. Confirm that the actual machining accuracy is within the tolerance range.

2 Check at the end of daily work:

 2.1. The machine shall be thoroughly cleaned after daily operation and carefully checked for abnormal conditions. Can use the spray gun to remove the chip, should be used with care only.

2.2. Regularly remove dust from the electric control box exhaust fan or filter net.

2.3. The main power supply should be turned off at the end of the operation. The steps are as follows:

(1) Shut down the computer system.

(1) Press the emergency stop button on the operation panel first.

(2) Press the POWER OFF switch again.

(3) Finally close the main power circuit breaker of the electric control box.

2.4. After the power is turned off, the temperature of the solenoid valve and other electrical components is still high, please do not touch it.

2.5. If the amount of oil supplied to each part is insufficient, please supplement according to the instructions. Replace the oil immediately if it goes bad.

2.6. Conduct operation review and improvement after daily operation to maintain the best condition of the machine.

2.7. Clean the sewage in the sewage storage box under the machine base.

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